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Confidential policy

Our Aircraft Management clients will receive seamless five-star service never having to deal with any of the operational issues associated with aircraft ownership (i.e. aviation regulatory compliance, aircraft maintenance coordination, staff recruitment and productive aircraft operation).

Our aircraft management program is designed to be flexible, cost efficient and serve the aircraft owner\\\'s best interests. C&I Corporation is manned by aviation experts that can assist aircraft owners in managing their own aircraft.

Having made a decision to buy an aircraft, you will need to make another important decision with regard to its further operation and maintenance. By choosing C&I Corporation you can rest assured that your aircraft will be maintained in impeccable working condition, whenever and wherever you may need it.

Flight arrangements, crew coordination, pre-flight preparations, accounting, bill processing and payments, prompt technical maintenance, we will take care of each and every issue concerning the operation of your aircraft.

In order to reduce aircraft operational costs, many owners find it convenient to use their aircraft for commercial flight operation. The C&I Corporation commercial department will organize a commercial charter flight on your aircraft at any time. Our managers work 24 hours a day to handle and respond to the requests of our clients, ensuring stability and safety of flight operations.