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Jet Business Flights

Available 24 hrs a day 365 days a year, C&I Corporation is your travel partner

Charter flights provide you with complete independence and the outmost in service. Only you get to choose where and when you want to go. Only your wishes determine what your flight will be like.

Long-term established relations with all major aircraft operators along with qualified and experienced personnel allow us to efficiently organize a charter flight to any destination in the world. You will be presented with a choice of exquisite food to cater for any taste and circumstances. We will help you make the right choice, taking into account your itinerary and available budget.

When you want to travel to any destination in the world at a moment\\\\\'s notice, we are there to support you every step of the way. And when we say every step, we really mean it. It will be our pleasure to offer you VIP limousine transportation to and from the board of your private Jet and wherever you may want. C&I Corporation will escort you on and off board, so that your journey will be pleasant and complete.

When you get on board, our cabin crew will already be waiting to assist you. C&I Corporation will provide you a First Class Service on board of your private Jet. We will support you during boarding and disembarking, we will help you to stow your luggage and hand luggage, we will provide you the best catering for your journey assisted by our Flight Attendant, making sure that you have the best VIP treat. On request we also organize a complete trip for our guests.

It is a feeling of comfort when travelling at speeds close to the speed of sound. It is not feeling the difference between being onboard and lying home on the sofa. It is being around only those people who you wish to see. It is confidence in the crew and their responsibility over those onboard. It is being able to choose any destination without noticing the duration of the flight.