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„You are in complete control over your travel, taking along whatever and whomever you need to do your business effectively.

You and your staff can confidently go wherever you need to go anywhere in the world. Fly with confidence and tremendous comfort, just think of the convenience of being free from the hassles of commercial airline schedules, long lines, lost luggage and wasted time. That’s why more people are discovering how smart chartering an aircraft can be whether for business or pleasure”.

Yours faithfully,
Ionut Casuneanu

Our team as well is comprised of experienced flight operation specialists, including licensed dispatchers and degreed specialists who understand the importance to a successful trip. C&I Corporation’s team working on your trip knows you and your operation and work together for the pleasure and safety of your journey, wherever it may be.

We are proud of our team of highly qualified staff – on a professional and personal level. Many of our pilots are also flight instructors and experts nominated by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority.

All our employees participate in institutionalized further education to guarantee that we achieve the highest level of safety and quality requirements we have set for ourselves.

Our team

Ionut Casuneanu President
Florin Diaconu Accountable Manager
Eugen Ţâţu Flight Operations Director
Mihai Bonea Maintenance Director
Mihai Popa Quality Assurance Director
Ana Iftode Sales Representative