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Modular courses


Flight Instructor Qualification FI (H)
One can become a Flight Instructor and has the right to teach in order to obtain, revalidate or renew:ï¾ 
  • CPL(H) – with the condition to have more than 500 flight hours on an helicopter with at least 200 hours on flight instruction; type qualifications for helicopters;
  • Night flight qualifications (IFR)
  • Instrumental flight qualifications
  • FI (H) qualification
Flight Instructor Qualification TRI (H)
The privileges of TRI (H) qualification gives its owner the right to give flight instructions for obtaining revalidating or renewing type rating.

Type Rating on EC 120 B
It consists in 34 non-commercial flights totaling 6 hours of flying.

Type Rating on EC 135 P2+
It consists in 49 non-commercial flights totaling 9 hours of flying.

Training program for type rating on Cessna Citation C 560 XLS+
This program has 8 stages containing different exercises, evaluation and company proficiency check.

Differences course for Cessna Citation C 560 XL/XLS to Cessna Citation C 560 XLS+
Primary goal to this differences training is to explain and show applicants with an existing C 560 XL/XLS endorsement the differences between Cessna C 560 XL/XLS and Cessna C 560 XLS+. The topics covered are in an overview below. Each module consists of Sub-modules within the topic:
  • C 560 XL Day 1 Avionic differences
  • C 560 XL Day 2 Power plant differences
  • C 560 XL Day 3 Limitation differences
  • C 560 XL Day 4 Walk around
Training will be conducted primary in a theoretical manner with a TRI for C 560 XL/XLS using applicable user guides and documentation and in the aircraft static on ground with GPU connected to demonstrate the Avionic differences and extended Walk around.

Night Flight Training This program consists of 3 flight hours, where the student is shown the visibility of luminous landmarks, how to adjust the cokpit light, the difficulty in reading flight maps, reduce the accuracy of navigation calculations and a few more other exercises so the student can easily operate the helicopter during a night flight.

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