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Flight school

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C&I Corporation can provide theoretical and practical training for applicants who wish to become helicopter pilots or qualified pilots who wish to expand their skills to other type of helicopters and airplanes, as well as instructors to obtain higher qualifications.
C&I Corporation conducts training courses after the standards of domestic and international aviation regulations.
Why train with us?
  • Technological innovation : maximum teaching quality applying newï¾ technologies for the best training.
  • Climate : the climate offers exceptional climatology for flight training,ï¾ meaning reduced training time and costs.
  • Teachers : the teaching staff is made up of distinguished academicï¾ professionals.
  • Flight instructors : Our team of flight instructors has thousands ofï¾ instruction hours between them and are involved in annual refresherï¾ courses as well as verifications of competence every six months.
  • Safety : C&I Corporation has a department dedicated exclusivelyï¾ implement safety procedures (SMS)
  • Students : we provide personalized treatment for every student and seekï¾ in all cases the best solutions for their needs.

Our courses:
  • Private Pilot License PPL(H) is a private license which enables you to flyï¾ as pilot in command or co-pilot for recreational purposes but not forï¾ remuneration.
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL(H) is the professional license whichï¾ enables you to fly for remuneration.ï¾ 
  • Modular courses: Flight Instructor Qualification FI (H), Flight Instructorï¾ Qualification TRI (H), Type Rating on EC 120 B, Type Rating on C 135ï¾ P2+, Training program for type rating on Cessna Citation C 560 XLS+
  • Differences course for Cessna Citation C 560 XL/XLS to Cessna Citationï¾ C 560 XLS+
  • We are extending our courses, offering you also PPL(A), CPL(A) and otherï¾ modular courses