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A warm welcome to a world which combines comfort and necessity in the utmost, most successful manner.

In today`s fast moving business world, time efficient travel is a key factor in staying ahead of the competition.

We at C&I Corporation understand time is precious and strive to offer the most beneficial and cost effective solution for you.

If your demands are for a fast, convenient, safe, form of transport where you are in control of the schedule, C&I Corporation is the solution. Whether for business, or pleasure, a personal flight operated by us provides you a secure environment where distance shrinks, time is conserved, and even money saved.
The service is for clients who in their private as well as business life, value their time and wish to travel in style and comfort.

With C&I Corporation, you choose top safety, flexibility and first-class service. Step on board for a pleasant mixture of luxurious ambience and discreet service.

C&I Corporation offers a complete air charter service from your first enquiry to your final destination. Charter flight managers work tirelessly to get you the best price with maximumᅠflexibility. We provide jet and helicopters for any journey and we react fast to every circumstance.ᅠ