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Eurocopter 135 P2+

The EC135, featuring Eurocopter’s latest technological developments such as an advanced cockpit design, modern avionics, the Fenestron anti-torque device and a bearingless main rotor system, provides outstanding performance and maneuverability.
Quiet and cheaper to operate than any other twin-engine helicopter in its class, the aircraft is also equipped with safety equipment such as energy-absorbing fuselage and passenger and crew seats, along with crash-resistant fuel cells.
EC135 passengers enjoy an exceptionally fast, smooth ride, thanks to its bearingless main rotor and innovative Fenestron tail rotor system.
The EC135 offers unsurpassed external visibility during flight—passengers can sit back and soak up the extraordinary view. And with its low noise and vibration levels, the atmosphere is both pleasant and restful for passengers and crew.


Range 635 km (342 nm, 393 mi)
Normal Cruising Speed 254 km/h (137 knots, 158 mph)
Max Cruising Alt
15.000 ft
Night Flight FULLᅠIFR

1 or 2 pilots

Cabin Dimensions
Cabin height 1,26 m
Cabin width 1,50 m
Cabin length 3,06 m
Max Seating Capacity 5 VIP seats
Baggage Capacity 230 Kg (max 600 kg/m2), 1,40mc
Capacity Passenger transport 1 pilot + 6 passengers
2 pilots + 5 passengers
Casualty evacuation 2 pilots + 1 stretcher patient + 2 doctors
Year of manufacture: Jul. 2007

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