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Travelling by a private jet or helicopter is not just a pleasure. It is a way of life. C&I Corporation offers a truly unique range of services that makes your wildest dreams come true. Be it a charter flight, a custom-made aircraft operation solution or assistance in purchasing your own aircraft — we always aim to be your preferred link between the earth and the skies.

C&I Corporation considers itself as a service company which sets everything in motion to ensure that when you are with us, you feel safe and completely at ease - both on the ground as well as in the air.
Our responsibility is displayed in our conduct and our dealings with our passengers, employees, suppliers and the environment. An absolute commitment to quality forms the basis for our management.ᅠ
Our objective is to optimize customer satisfaction. Highly-competent consultancy, know-how and friendliness are par for the course. At C&I Corporation, the customer always comes first and is the focus and the objective of all our endeavour.